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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  August 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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plus, we're tracking tropical storm isaac's path as republicans vow their convention will go on. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. look outside with us this morning at 6:00 a.m. 72 degrees outside our studios. tom kierein is here to tell us what we all can expect today. >> yeah. good morning. we've got a few feathery clouds passing over the metro area now but not causing any rain. don't have any travel problems weatherwise. she's clouds are streaming up from the stout. and they're going to be with us here off and on throughout much of the day. this is all coming from a weak trough of low pressure along the atlantic seaboard from the outer banks out in the carolinas. that's going to be slowly creeping north throughout the day today. and unfortunately into the weekend, which is going to be bringing some changes unfortunately for our saturday and sunday forecast. right now though, no travel problems going off to work and school this morning. it's another rather cool morning.
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we're down into the low 60s in our nearby suburbs including prince george's county, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery county. it's right around 70 in the district of columbia. much of the blue ridge region from loudoun county through points west of shenandoah valley in the mountains. low 60s to even upper 50 nasdaq a few locations in west virginia and in the western maryland. around the bay, upper 60s to near 70. hour by hour, today, we'll have our temperatures by 7:00 a.m. upper 60s to around 70. mild morning. a lot of clds around, though. and the rest of the morning, partly sunny through noontime and mid afternoon by your lunch hour. upper 80s by mid afternoon. by late afternoon, low 80s. a look at the latest on isaac in a minute or two. for now, danella. >> right now, let's start out in virginia. traveling eastbound 66 trying to get to the outer loop of the beltway. that ramp you will find a multi-vehicle accident blocking the right lane as well as the right shoulder lane. delays on 66 as you approach the beltway you can see here,
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eastbound. starting to crowd up because a lot of people are trying to get on to the beltway outer loop and they're having a difficult time doing so. stick to the left of that ramp. also speaking of ramps. outer loop of the beltway new hampshire avenue trying to get on new hampshire avenue heading southbound of the outer loop. that accident still active here. car veered off of the roadway. they are blocking the right side of the roadway -- excuse me, the left side of the roadway. stick to the right of the exit ramp. you will be able to exit. it is slow at this time. eun, over to you. this morning lance armstrong is in danger of losing his seven tour de france titles. armstrong is accused of using performance enhancing drugs. the u.s. ada will ban armstrong from professional cycling for life and looking into weather to strip him of his seven tour de france titles. armstrong released a statement saying in part, quote, there comes a point in every man's life when
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he has to say enough is enough. today, i turn the page. i will no longer address this issue, regardless of the circumstances. he says he will continue to work with his live strong foundation which helps people and families effected by cancer. 6:03 right now. tropical storm isaac wreaking havoc in the caribbean and creeping closer to the u.s. as well. still clocking winds about 45 miles per hour right now. it could be felt in florida as early as sunday. today there are fears it could cause major damage in haiti. nearly 400,000 haitians still live in tents and temporary shelters. that country still recovering from that massive earthquake two years ago. the fear is that heavy rain could cause flooding, mudslides even, which have had deadly impacts in the past. also, republicans keeping a close eye on the storm even though it looks at though the party's convention will avoid a direct hit. organizers are most concerned about the convention's first two days. monday and tuesday, when isaac could pass the closest. yesterday crews installed tents
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and rain shelters to provide cover in case of downpours even if isaac only brushes the city. high wind and flooding are still expected. >> you know, the hope is this is going to go away. if it usn't, if it doesn't, when florida is ready, the convention is ready, clearly the local communities are ready. remember, we're responsible for the entire state of florida here. >> more than 65,000 people expected to at tend then covengs which starts on monday. don't forget, we will have complete coverage of the republican national convention. julie carey and i will bring you live reports from tampa all week long beginning sunday night. we will also have live coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte next month. but let's get a better idea of what's happening with isaac in the caribbean right now. tom kierein is in storm center 4. >> right now we are looking at a very disorganized weak tropical storm but it is a wide effected area that over the eastern caribbean is going to eventually move off and into haiti as we just heard, unfortunately there may be a lot of rain there.
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right now it has winds of 45 miles an hour. it's still a weak tropical storm. and it is going to be passing right over haiti. it does look like by perhaps late today and into late tonight and early saturday morning. after that, during the day on saturday into sunday across cuba and into the key west area, perhaps by very early monday morning, looks like it will pass west of tampa on monday afternoon. then by tuesday morning, as a category one hurricane, may be right near mobile, alabama. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with another weather update. eun? >> tom, thank you. 6:05 now. new this morning, a man is fight for his life after being shot in the head in northeast. it happened just after 10:00 last night on the thousand block of rhode island avenue. that's not far from the rhode island metro station. police arrived to find the man unconscious. he was taken to a local hospital in grave condition. rhode island avenue was also shut down for several hours while police investigated. so far, no word of any suspects. and today the man accused of
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shooting a security guard at the family research council is due in court. grand jury indicted 28-year-old floyd corkins for last week's shooting at the frc's downtown headquarters. they recently supported the president of chick-fil-a who staunchly opposes same-sex marriage. in addition to a weapon and ammunition, police say corkin also had 15 chick-fil-a sandwich wes him. prince george's county police will resume the search for a man who shot and killed a teenage girl in her own bed. se police say late wednesday night a man broke into the home and shot and killed 17-year-old amber stanley. she was an honor student at charles flowers high school. she had dreams of going to harva harvard. they are devastated by her death. >> i can't say anything except she was a nice young lady and you would see her and she would speak to you. >> she was a quiet girl, you know. and just watching her grow up to be a beautiful young girl,
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that's really was so heart wrenching, because she was a good kid. >> apparently police visited stanley's home recently because of a report of assault on her foster sister. it's unclear if that incident has any connection to her murder. today maryland memorial services will be held for two women killed in a train derailment. elizabeth nass and rose mayr died on tuesday. police say the 19-year-olds were sitting on a train bridge. they were buried in coal when they train derailed. the funeral mass for nass will be held later this morning in ellicott city. she was a student at james madison university. mayr was a nursing student at the university of delaware. her viewing is set for this evening. her funeral will take place tomorrow. 6:07 is our time right now. paying the price. the legal fallout surrounding a new book on the death of pin os bin laden. also ahead, the prince harry effect has many people trying to party like a royal. highs you side right now but
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storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking changes that could impact the weekend with [ obama ] i'm barack obamaith and i approve this message.
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we could end up seeing more compromisie ining photos of pri harry. max clifford says two women approached him trying to sell their photos of prince harry. one claimed they were in the prince's hotel room last week where naked pictures of the prince were taken. they ended on tmz. he said he did not buy the photos. his vegas romp is good for business. has seen a 123% increase in searches for vegas. now, remember, you can try to party like a royal but you don't have the access and you're not prince harry. >> he had the big suite in that hotel. all right. we'll see what else pops up. 6:11 is our time right now.
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want to get a look at weather and traffic on the ones. tom? >> starting off a little more humidity in the air. we've got quite a bit of cloudiness around, too. by 7:00 a.m., still in the 60s where we are now. then by noontime, low 80s. reaching the mid and upper 80s by mid afternoon to late afternoon. late afternoon, though, clouding up. and here's your evening planner. if you're heading out this friday evening, it will be in the 70s through much of the evening under a cloudy sky. change is on the way for the weekend. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. your first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. chopper 4 is live over eastbound route 50 in maryland. this is right at 4:50 west street. you can see the crash is blocking the left side of the roadway. two of your left lanes in this area. let's head over to 66. this is the ramp here. 66 eastbound, the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway. multivehicle crash still blocks the right lane. aaron and eun, back over to you. >> thank you. 6:12. 72 degrees. why casey anthony is enjoying some new found freedom this
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morning. also ahead. dramatic video that will have parents cringing as a young girl falls in the path of a car. plus, we don't know who will be sworn in but that doesn't mean you can't get ready to be part of the inauguration [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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some college students are getting a taste of space today. in just a few minutes a rocket will launch from nasa's wallops facility if it's carrying things developed by students if rocket will shoot 9 miles into the sky. after a 15-minute flight will splash down off the virginia coast. the launch is part of a program to get students experience in designing experiments for spaceflight. 6:16 now. a bit of good news as firefighters battle massive wildfire on the west coast. crews in california have showed the fires -- slowed the fire's progress hoping save homes and commercial buildings. 2500 firefighters are battling the fire in california which has grown to 44 square miles. similar fires are spreading in idaho and washington but firefighters are slowing those as well. all together, wildfires in ten states have destroyed more than 7 million acres in 2012 alone because of the extreme drought
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conditions. meanwhile, taiwan is experiencing the exact opposite. typhoon slammed the southern part of the country earlier today dumping 40 inches of rain. so far there have been no reported deaths from the storm. officials were prepared for the typhoon. they evacuated more than 3,000 people from areas that were vulnerable to landslides. breaking news at 6:17. a norwegian court found the right wing extremist who confessed to killing 77 people in a bomb in a shooting massacre last year sane enough to be sentenced. 33-year-old anders brevick will spend 10 to 20 years behind bars. the self described anti-muslim militant said who carried out the attacks in self-defense to prevent norway from being taken over by muslims. casey anthony can come and go as she pleases. anthony was acquitted last july in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee.
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anthony was put on probation after being convicted on check fraud charges. her next moves are unclear but they are reports she got a new u.s. passports. 6:18 now. the retired navy s.e.a.l. who wrote a book about taking part in that covert raid that killed osama bin laden could face legal trouble. he wrote the book under a pseudonym mark owen. he could face a civil lawsuit for not seeking a military review before the book was published. he could also be prosecuted for revealing classified information. the book titled "no easy day" will hit shelves september 11th. this morning the fbi and capital police are investigating multiple threats against republican congressman todd akin. he's the candidate who sparked national controversy this week when he used the term legitimate rape. his spokesman says there have been multiple threats made against the congressman, his family and staff. capital police say their investigation is active and open. they will not release any other
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details about this case. former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee -- >> actually, we'll tell you about the presidential race and mitt romney where he is facing questions about his time at bain capital. the website gawker obtained and released 900 pages of internal document trs that company. it shows financial statements, internal audits and tax loopholes he allegedly used to lower his tax rate. romney has repeatedly said he will not release any more of his tax returns before november's election. president obama still leads mitt romney in most polls but romney ease selection of paul ryan seems to have helped the republican's chances in wisconsin. quinnipiac poll shows h leading romney by two points in wiscons wisconsin. 31% of wisconsin voters say the selection of ryan makes them more likely to support romney. the president still has the lead in other swing states like ohio and florida where he's up by six
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and three points, respectively. we may not know who is going to win the election this november but washington, d.c.'s park hyatt hotel is already preparing for the inauguration. they're offering an extravagant deal. in the hotel's penthouse suite, the price for the package, $57,000. it features a personal stylist, a chef, a private tour of the kennedy center and other perks. >> we also have a special five-course dinner at tavern chef's table, also for 12 guests, where executive chefs will prepare a five-course dinner paired with great american wines and each of the courses will feature the president-elect's favorite dishes. >> the w hotel and four seasons are also offering special inauguration prices for the big day. planning ahead already. just a day after conducting a taste test for the d.c. water and sewer authority wants to serve tap water instead of bottled water at the
6:21 am
inauguration in january. in a letter to new york senator charles schumer, the authorities say tap water a penny a gallon. that's compared to bottled water that costs 100 times more. schumer recently announced that new york-based saratoga springs water will supply water for the inauguration. we'll have to see how that ends out. >> the d.c. water and sewer folks have been doing a test test around the city seeing if they can tell a difference. most people are saying no, they can't. now they're offering to let congress do the same taste test to see if they can tell a difference. >> inauguration is in d.c. and use the water from new york. >> that's what happens. we know what's happening outside this morning. another beautiful start, tom. >> gorgeous sun viz under way. if we can pan the camera to the right we might see an iridescent pink sky. there's a plane just taking off now from reagan national airport where the temperature right now is at the low 70s, 73. the dew point is 66. that's a rather humid. the wind is calm.
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hometown forecast for mitchellville in prince george's's county. partly sunny. partly sunny for the lunch hour, low 80s. storm team 4 four-day forecast, afternoon high, upper 80s. cloudy tonight and saturday. much of sunday, might get a shower or passing thunder shower on saturday. as well as sunday. unfortunately, the change is on the way for the weekend. partly sunny, upper 80s. maybe afternoon storms. cooler after that. wednesday, thursday, danella, good morning. how's the traffic? >> checking on the accident right now. this is on the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway. your right lane is still blocked. you are seeing some delays as you travel eastbound i-66. here's a look as you approach the beltway. from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 41 miles per hour. 6:22. 73 degrees. the touch-up work that left a priceless work of art a mess. also ahead. we're seeing firsthand the frightening moments for
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passengers as a
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little girl is lucky to be alive after a close call on the streets of china. she was sitting on the back of a motor sible when she fell off. a car nearly clipped her. you can see its rear wheel almost hitting the girl. luckily, she avoided the car and walked away with just scrapes and bruises. hard to watch. yikes. take a look at this one, too. a woman is accused of ruining more than 200-year-old painting of jesus and she said she had permission to repair it. amateur art restorer says a priest at the church in spain knew she was attempted to fix the faded painting. as you can see, didn't quite come out as planned. that fresco entitled "behold the man" was painted and donated by his granddaughter. professional restorers have now been called in to see if the piece can be repaired again. >> and that's a priceless work of art. >> 200 years old. >> it's painful to imagine it. it just doesn't look the way it did. >> not at all. all right. it is coming up on 6:27 now.
6:27 am
straight ahead, your weather and traffic on the ones. plus, the nationals won want to keep metro trains running late for potential playoff games, but for a price. also ahead, the surprise admission by a state lawmaker involved in this boating accident that has him having for your for ggiveness this morning a woman is e
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admitting guilt or just sick of fighting? what people are saying this morning after lance armstrong's stunning decision to drop his battle against doping charges. good morning. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm europen yang. we'ralso talking about this video, it plows into a home in silver spring. >> the driver there still trying
6:31 am
to get things back under control but scary homes for sure. we'll tell you what we know about this video at this point this morning. right now we want to get a check on the forecast. tom kierein is out on the party patio. what's happening? >> you're not going to be calling many that after we hear the forecast for the weekend, i'm afraid. right now around the region we've got a mostly cloudy sky. the wind is calm. we've got the crickets texasing each other. and as we take a look at what's been happening here over the last several hours we've had this southerly flow bringing in clouds from a coastal trop of low pressure that has been tringerring some showers and thunder showers around the outer banks, that is going to be creeping farther north through the weekend, i'm afraid. and bringing us an increased chance of some rain over the weekend. right now, though, no rain. it's a pleasant morning. we're in the 60s to near 70 around the metro area. 50s out in the mountains and parts of the shenandoah valley. upper 60s to near 70. a lot of clouds. a little sunshine in and out the rest of the day through mid
6:32 am
afternoon. by mid afternoon, upper 80s. late afternoon, back down to the low 80s. a look at your friday evening, that's coming up in ten minutes. danella has a look at your first 4 traffic. good morning. thanks, tom. if you're taking metro we're going to start there because delays on the blue line because of a train malfunction this the is right outside the van dorn street, right at the van dorn street metro station. delays continue as you head towards largo. over to the roadway, good news eastbound, route 50 at 450 in maryland. that earlier crash is gone. travel lanes are open eastbound. however, outer loop of the beltway that ramp to southbound new hampshire of knew. the accident activity still along the left side of the exit ramp. stick to the right. aaron, over the you. >> all right. thank you. breaking news right now. police are on the scene of a bank break-in in georgetown. tracee wilkins is live for us on wisconsin avenue with more. tracie? >> good morning, aaron. look behind me. you can see that now the fbi has joined d.c. police in this investigation into what happened
6:33 am
here at this m and t bank in georgetown. this all started around 3:00 this morning. according to d.c. police, a man dressed in all black forced his way into the atm area there. a this point we're still investigating to see if something was actually taken. the point is this person set off the alarm. now, there is an area there for you to swipe an atm card if you are a part of this bank or if you have an atm card, to get in there and take cash out. so, of course, the number one question, why was this person forcing their way in. was this an attempted robbery of this bank. at this point they are not classifying it as a theft but they are investigating it and they are saying, according to d.c. police, if they find this suspect he's facing possible charges for burglary. in the north west, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. more breaking news out of d.c. firefighters are just finishing up after knocking down a fire in the 1300 block of alabama avenue southeast. crews responded around 4:45 this
6:34 am
morning to a three-story apartment building. we they've had to use ladders to rescue people from balconies. two children and an adult are taken to the hospitalnd but all expected to be okay. the fire started in a kitchen on the second floor. now, a news 4 exclusive. this morning we're getting a look at exactly what happened on a ride-on bus as it slammed into a silver spring home. the crash happened monday morning as the driver was trying to make a right turn from state side drive. video cameras inside and outside the bus show the driver trying to regain control of the vehicle. passengers were thrown from their seats on to the floor. from the camera in front of the bus, we can also see the homeowner standing on the street. he says he just parkparked hisi the driveway moments before the crash. >> it could have been another story. >> the bus demol anybodied the taxi and crashed through a little girl's bedroom.
6:35 am
she was at school at the time. no one on the bus or inside the house was serious he hurt. damagest migh estimates, $100,0. the house has been condemned. a maryland lawmaker admits he was drunk when his boat collided with another. delegate donald dwyer is willing tweeted at shock trauma in baltimore. delegate donald dwyer is being treated at shock trauma in baltimore. he was driving his motor boat another adult on board. his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when they slammed into a second boat that was pulling two children on a tube near pasadena, maryland. >> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was .2. no one, no one should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or a power boat. >> dwight went on to say that he deeply regrets his actions and is asking for forgiveness from the public. he's a republican member of the house of delegates who has been serving anne arundel county for nine years.
6:36 am
prosecutors say movie theater shooting suspect james holmes made multiple threats before opening fire on moviegoers last month. holmes was barred from the university of colorado because of those threats, according to prosecutors. they say holmes' academic career was in tatters and the threats were made in an attempt to get revenge. holmes is accused of killing 12 and injuring 58 when he opened fire on that theater during a midnight showing of "the dark knight rises." the georgetown man suspected of killing his socialite wife is on a hunger strike. according to the "washington post," a psychiatrist says 48-year-old muth has stopped eating an had to be taken to the emergency room three times this month. muth is accuse of killing 1-year-old drath last washington. as a result of the hunger strike doctors say they need more time to evaluate his mental state. he was supposed to submit a report on muth's competency yesterday. it appears the nationals will make the playoffs for the first time since coming back to
6:37 am
waugs. but there is a bit of controversy over metro service after potential playoff games at nat's park. they met late last month to figure out who is going to pay for extended metro service if the nats pick make the postseason. the city says the team should pay for it as d.c. shelled out $800 million to pay for nationals park. about a month left in the season, nats have a 6 1/2 game lead over the atlanta braves. 6:37. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in with savannah guthrie. good morning to you. nice to see you. >> you, too, eun. good to see you. coming up on a friday morning on "today," lance armstrong's stunning decision to end his fight against allegations that he used performance enhancing drugs. the u.s. antidoping agency says the decision means it will now ban armstrong from competitive cycling for life and strip him of his seven tour de france titles. this morning we'll hear from both sides. also ahea al will have the latest on where tropical storm
6:38 am
isaac could be headed next. plus, a consume alert for anyone who books vacations online. popular travel websites accused of conspireing with hotels to fix prices. and then swimming sensation missy franklin will be here to talk about her return to high school after dominating london. all that and a live concert when we get started on a friday morning here on "today." eun, back to you. >> dancing on the plaza. looking forward to that. have a great weekend. >> thanks. you, too. 6:38. new proof that robert griffin iii's arrival in d.c. is having a big impact on redskins fans. the cycling world and fans of lance armstrong are reacting this morning after he has banned from the sport. plus, the steps republicans are taking right now to ensure tropical storm isaac does not ruin their convention. the sun is up now but storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking changes in the forecast. that could impact your weekend. that could impact your weekend. next w
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but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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good morning. 6:41 on this friday 340morning. i'm with the hometown forecast for wheaton in montgomery county. near 70 degrees over the next hour or two. and then by noontime for the lunch hour out in the low to mid atity there's. partly sunny. the hour-by-hour forecast for the region, throughout the rest of the day, highs reaching the mid and upper 80s by mid afternoon and late afternoon getting cloudy. cloudy evening if you're going out to eat. there's your evening planner, mid to low 70s under a cloudy sky. change is on the way for the weekend. details on that coming up in ten minutes, along with the latest on isaac. that's just a couple of minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> checking on the crash on the ramp. the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway. crewses are working to remove a
6:43 am
tree him that was in the roadway as well. it's difficult to see here. but i did see it on camera and delays for you on i-66, you're pretty slow eastbound approaching the beltway. you're at about 45 miles per hour. it's not bad though, right, it's friday. the drive takes 13 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. eun and aaron, back over to you. check out this scare at a boston subway station. a mother walked right off the platform on to the track. she had her 4-year-old son in her arms. other passengers rushed to helper her off the rails before the train arrived. the woman said forever reason she thought the outbound train across the platform was hers. tried to walk toward it. she had no interest in seeing the video of the fall. really scary. a surprising new development in the lance armstrong doping case. a legendary cyclist announced he is dropping his appear against the u.s. antidoping agency. it says armstrong used performance enhancing drugs and will ban him for professional cycling for life.
6:44 am
armstrong released a statement saying in part, this comes a point in every man's life when you have to say, enough is enough. todayly turn a page. i will no longer address this iss issue, regardless of the circumstances. arm stong says he will continue to work on his live strong foundation which helps people effected by cancer. all eyes on tropical storm isaac swirling in the caribbean. it's packing winds of 45 miles per hour. and could impact florida as early as sunday. today, however, officials are concerned about the toll it could take on haiti. nearly 400,000 haitians still live in tents and temporary shelters as the country continues to recover from that massive earthquake that hit two years ago. the fear is that heavy rains could cause flooding and mudslides which have already had deadly impacts in the past. the shift in isaac's path looks like it will help the republican national convention avoid a direct hit. although tampa isn't out of the woods yet. organizers are most concerned about the convention's first two
6:45 am
days, monday and tuesday, when isaac could pass the closest. yesterday crews installed tents and rain shelters to help in case of downpours. even if isaac only brushes the city, high winds and flooding are still expected. >> the hope is this is going to go away. if it usn't, when fm's ready, the convention's ready, clearly our local communities are ready. we're responsible for the entire state of florida here. >> more than 65,000 people are expected to at tend the convention starting monday. storm 4 team meteorologist tom kierein is here with the path. >> thankfully isaac is still a very disorganized weak tropical storm over the eastern caribbean, south of haiti right now. it has winds of 45 miles an hour, west at 15. it will be passing right near haiti by late tonight and early tomorrow morning. then over cuba during the day on saturday, into saturday night. sunday may be near key west as a tropical storm may be getting a strong tropical storm by then. it will past east of tampa during the day on monday. and then by tuesday morning, it
6:46 am
may be near mobile, alabama, as a category 1 hurricane. eun? >> tom, thank you. don't forget we'll have complete coverage of the republican national convention. aaron and julie carey will be there all next week. and we'll bring you live coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte next month. a man fighting for his life after being shot in his head in northeast d.c. after 10:00 on rhode island avenue not far from the metro station. they found him unconscious. he was taken to the local hospital in grave condition. rhode island avenue was shut down for several hours while police investigated. so far, no word on any suspects. today the man accused of shooting a security guard at a conservative christian organization is due in court. a grand jury indicted 28-year-old floyd corkins for last week's shooting at the family are search council's downtown headquarters. the conservative group recently supported the president of chick-fil-a who staunchly opposed same-sex marriage. in addition to a weapon and
6:47 am
ammuniti ammunition, police say corkin had 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches with him. coming up on 14 before the hour. prince george's county community is in mourning today over the death of a teenage girl. police say late wednesday night a man broke into a home and shot and killed 17-year-old amber stanley. she was a senior at charles flowers high school and was an honor student who had dreams of going to howard. >> she was very applicable young lady. students loved her. teachers loved her. she was very active in our school community. just a huge loss for us all and her classmates and her teachers are -- are going through the grieving process. >> and i misspoke, she had dreams of going to harvard. police visited the home recently because of a reported assault on amber's foster sister. it's unclear if that incident has any connection to the murder. fbi is investigating this bizarre break-in at the bank of america in the northeast. surveillance video last friday at the branch on connecticut
6:48 am
avenue and woodly park. the person seen here is wearing a hazmat suit. that person got inside an empty storefront next door. very similar break-in happened there last year but no hazmat suit involved that time. the person did not take anything. today in maryland, family and friends will gather to remember two women killed in a train derailment. nass and mayr died when a csx train got off the tracks in ellicott city. 19-year-olds were sitting on a train bridge. they were buried by coal when the train derailed. funeral mass for elizabeth will take place later this morning in ellicott city. rose mayr was a nursing student at the university of delaware. her viewing is this evening. her funeral will take place tomorrow in ellicott city. autopsy report reveals drugs and alcohol were involved in the accidental drowning death of rodney king. king died in his home in june. his fiance found him at the bottom of his pool. a medical examiner's report
6:49 am
shows the 47-year-old had several drugs in his system including pcp, cocaine, and marijuana when he died. in 1991 king was beaten by los angeles police officers. the officers acquittal triggered the devastating 1992 l.a. riots which killed more than 50 people. the country is in the middle of what health officials are calling the worst outbreak of west nile infections ever. more than 1,000 cases of west nile have been reported. 41 people died. half of those deaths are in texas. officials there are conducting aerial spraying of insect side hoping to stop the spread. on wednesday, they confirmed a 70-year-old woman tested positive for west nile. tough times at kodak have the company selling off the most famous business. cnbc's hampton pearson with those stories and more. >> as a matter of fact, kodak is putting the business a really helped put it on the map on the block. the company is looking to sell its camera film and document imaging operations so it can focus on commercial printing
6:50 am
services. kodak filed for bankruptcy in january. it hopes to emerge from chapter 11 sometime next year. earlier this year kodak announced it would no longer make digital cameras or picture frames. a new kindle could be on the way. that's the speculation after amazon sent out press invites to an event near sloengs on september 6th. no details given but it's being organized by amazon's kindle unit. amazon launched the kindle fire tablet last fall. analysts say it's probably due for an upgrade or the company could refresh or introduce new version of its other kindle e-readers. the event comes just six days before apple holds its own mystery gathering where it's expected to unveil the new iphone and possibly a new mini pad. those tech gadget improvements, they just keep on coming. back to you guys. >> hard to keep track. >> no kidding. >> it breaks the budget, too. thank you. >> you, too. okay. that's one place to park your car.
6:51 am
this is pebble beach, california. witnesses say the driver of the suv was going really, really fast and just sort of careened on to the beach and then into the ocean. the driver got out of the car. did not suffer any serious injuries, but expected to be okay. the driver was drunk and that is how they ended up in the ocean. >> do not drive drunk for many, many, many reasons. this is one of them. >> my car is not going to be drivable. i would imagine, after this. 6:51 is our time. tom has a look at your forecast. >> off to a pleasant start again this morning. it has turned a little more humid. you're going notice that when you step outside. i noticed that when i was out on the storm 4 deck. we had a lot of humidity in the air. we have that this morning. along with a lot of cloudiness. live view from hd city camera. 73 under a mostly cloudy sky at reagan national. the dew point is in the mid and upper 60s now. that is a little more humid than it has been in last couple of days. temperatures around the metro area. prince george's county, mid 60s. montgomery county, mid 60s as
6:52 am
well. in the upper 60s, near 70 in arlington county. much of fairfax county and prince william and loudoun and stafford and spotsylvania in the low 60s. elsewhere out in the mountains, many locations there again this morning are down into the 50s. western maryland, much of west virginia, parts of the shenandoah valley, 60s to around 50. southern maryland, eastern shore generally in the 60s as is much of northern virginia. don't have any fog around this morning. just some clouds now moving from south to north over the region. rain around the outer banks. this is a weak trough of low pressure. going to be tracking along the atlantic seaboard over the weekend. unfortunately giving a chance of rain over the weekend. but for today, not today. by 8:00 this morning, still mostly cloudy. mild. low 70s. and then by noontime for your lunch hour, partly sunny and warm. low 80s. may hit the mid 80s late afternoon. yes, as that coastal trough of low pressure gets closer to us, we'll have a lot of clouds around. might have a morning shower
6:53 am
tomorrow. maybe an afternoon thunder shower. highs around 80 as well as on saturday night and perhaps on sunday, although we may get a little sun breaking out sunday afternoon. upper 80s and sunny monday. may get an afternoon thunder showers on tuesday. after that, cloudy and a bit cooler. danella, good morning. how's our traffic? >> i-66, let's show you what's happening eastbound. a view from chopper 4. volume as you approach the beltway. don't forget the ramp to the outer loop of the beltway, still have the right lane blocked by the earlier accident in that area. accident still clearing but you can see just a bit of the volume for all the people that are trying to exit in that area. but your travel speed from fairfax county parkway, you are under speed. it's not terrible, though. 41 miles per hour. 14 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. let's talk about some good news. if you're traveling on i-95, it's friday. so volume not heavy right now. here's a live look northbound at franconia-springfield parkway. northbound lane is nice and open. 14 minutes from prince william parkway to get to the beltway in
6:54 am
this area. and 50 in maryland, here's a live look past east west highway. in both directions. no incidents to report. and as you make your way westbound into the city, your travel speed, not bad. six minutes to get from the beltway to vp parkway. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. the traffic note for you. expect delay it is you have to drive the beltway in northern virginia this weekend. starting tonight, several lanes of i-66 west at the beltway are closing. crew will also close exit ramps leading to 66 west. then, sunday night the southbound 495 ramp to 66 will be completely closed, too. during that time, you'll have to take little river turnpike. everything should be back to normal on monday. all these closures are for work on the express lanes project. metro riders can expect delays this weekend. crews will be making track repairs on the orange and red lines. on the red line, trains will single track betwegrosnenor and medical center. on the bus line, vienna and east
6:55 am
falls church for work on the silver line extension. all the work is expected to be wrapped up by monday morning's commute. ♪ look at this. fancy stadium built out in texas. usual lu you see this for the pros. this is a palace in a texas high school team had built. this is an all new $60 million stadium at allen high school in the dallas suburbs. 18,000-seat venue here. open with pep rally last night. the stadium features a high def scoreboard, luxury boxes for boosters and three-floor press box for media scouts and coaches. funded with a bond package approved by voters. >> there was any doubt the redskins fans are excited about their new rookie quarterback, here is some extra proof. the museum projected a video of robert griffin iii on the face of their building last night. very cool. in honor of rg3's home debut against the indianapolis coats.
6:56 am
it stayed up until midnight. no word if it will go up again tonight. they called it a community welcome to washington for rg3. you can catch that home debut for rg3 right here on nbc4. face-off with andrew luck starts at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. battle of the quarterbacks. >> how are they going to be looking? >> might need an umbrella if you're going to the game tomorrow. over the weekend, might be be having a passing shower sunday and monday. >> thank you. that is "news4 today." thanks for spending your week with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes. he's made his choice. but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours.
6:57 am
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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